Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere – January 28, 2011

> Posted by Michelle Romeu
Amazon, blog series, currencies, and more: the ABCs of this week’s Top Picks:

  • NextBillion offers a blog series that brings various Brazilian BoP and social business issues to light. Eduardo Diniz focuses on banking and financial inclusion in Brazil’s parts of  the Amazon, complete with a video that highlights the region of Autazes.
  • Two posts (and another series) for the price of one: David Roodman weighs in on CGAP’s latest series on over-indebtedness and underscores Rich Rosenberg’s key comment
  • On the mobile banking front, CGAP’s Technology blog ponders the question of different mobile currencies.
  • Micro-enterprise and “merry-go-rounds”: The MasterCard Foundation’s blog profiles youth entrepreneurship and financial access in Kibera, a low-income neighborhood in Nairobi.