Vindhya – 'A BPO Enabled by Differently Abled' – Needs Your Vote!

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Do you have a minute to boost the good work of our colleagues who support the microfinance industry?
ACCION’s Frontier Investment Group continues to seek innovative technologies and disruptive business models that will radically enhance the efficiency, reach, and scope of financial services at the base of the economic pyramid. We are encouraged by successful businesses that are not only aligned with our mission, but create an inspiring social impact that is commercially sustainable. Frontier Investments has been working with Vindhya to validate the value add that outsourcing brings to the high-touch traditional microfinance model.
Vindhya is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that employs people who are “differently abled” to deliver high-quality and competitive services to companies spanning multiple sectors, including microfinance.  And today, Vindhya needs your vote in order to win an important award.
Vindhya — “A BPO enabled by differently abled” — provides end-to-end solutions for business processes that effectively optimize the productivity of its clients, ensuring quality, improving efficiency, and thereby reducing costs for their clients. Vindhya clients include two leading Indian MFIs, Ujjivan and Jamalakshmi, as well as Yahoo!, Wipro, Metlife, IndusInd Bank, and Management Dynamics. The company currently offers loan processing, document management, online services, end-user services, and data processing. With a workforce that is 95% differently abled, Vindhya demonstrates that providing inclusion to people with disabilities is a sustainable model for social enterprise at the base of the pyramid.
In recognition of Vindhya’s success, the company has been nominated for the prestigious Global Sourcing Council 2010 3S (Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing) Awards for “Best in Class Employee Engagement Program.” The 3S Awards will recognize exceptional achievements in the global sourcing marketplace by individuals and organizations for their commitment to sustainability and socially responsible sourcing practices. Award recipients are chosen mainly by voting by the general public, so we invite you to show your support and cast a vote in favor of a company whose services are making a difference through inclusion and increasing the efficiency of microfinance. Voting ends January 22, so please:
Visit this link: Global Sourcing Council 2010 3S
Click on “Best in Class for Employee Engagement”
Select “A BPO Enabled by Differently Abled – Vindhya”
Submit your vote
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For information on the Center for Financial Inclusion’s  initiatives related to microfinance and people who are differently abled, please read “A New Financial Access Frontier: People with Disabilities.”