Webinar: Innovations in Financial Capability

April 12, April 12, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM EDT, Online

The webinar will serve as the launch of A Change in Behavior: Innovations in Financial Capability. This report – funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co and produced by the Center for Financial Inclusion – assesses the global landscape of financial capability innovations, with special focus on India and Mexico. The accompanying Catalogue of Innovations provides a look at dozens of specific financial capability solutions, and the Frequently Asked Questions reflect a dialogue about the findings carried out by over 70 experts. The webinar’s presenters include Elisabeth Rhyne of CFI, Colleen Briggs of JP Morgan Chase & Co, Ram Ramdas of the Jana Urban Foundation, Carlos Lopez-Moctezuma of BBVA, and Magali de Varax of Fundación Capital. To register, click here.