Webinar: Overcoming Market Constraints to Deliver Sustainable Financial Inclusion to Rural Communities

A Financial Inclusion Week conversation hosted by Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity.

Sustainability of businesses in the short, medium and long term is down to the business environment in which they exist. This is no different for Financial Service Providers working to facilitate financial inclusion across Sub Saharan Africa. The stakeholders must work hand-in hand to build a conducive ecosystem where their innovative business models can thrive in.

The webinar focuses on discussions around the business environment in Sub-Saharan Africa and the approaches used to overcome market constraints in order to deliver financial products and services to smallholder farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The speakers will provide their unique experiences, insights and perspectives on delivering an enabling business environment which should be a win-win situation for both the businesses and customers.


  • Eli Pollak, Founder and CEO, Apollo Agriculture
  • George Muga, Head of Market Infrastructure at Financial Sector Deepening Uganda
  • Renita Nabisubi, Head of Digital Financial Solutions at Access to Finance Rwanda

To confirm attendance, visit the URL on this page, or email info@frp.org.



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