Responsible Digital Credit Webinar

Join us on for a virtual event on responsible digital credit and what providers need to do to ensure that their customers are protected and empowered. This webinar will feature CFI Fellow John Owens and Smart Campaign Senior Director Alex Rizzi. Our conversation will highlight the risks that digital credit consumers face, using the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles as an organizing framework; identify existing best practices and standards for responsible digital credit; and provide recommendations on how to best navigate the intersection of digital financial services and consumer protection issues.

In his research, John details the vast landscape of digital credit providers and lending models, noting the challenges that providers and policymakers face in agreeing upon and applying consistent standards in both advanced and emerging markets. However, this report finds that technology can be harnessed to quickly address consumer complaints and aid regulators in their supervisory duties of digital credit providers. Ultimately, it will take a village to ensure that digital credit clients are protected, but John posits that this can be achieved through the collaborative implementation of locally-customized approaches by governments, regulators, industry players, consumer protection advocates and consumers alike.




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