Webinar: Sneak Peek into Risk Management Graduation Model

August 11, 11AM – 12PM EDT, Online

Based on decades of founding member experience in microfinance risk management, the Risk management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM) has embarked on the development of a pathways-based risk management framework called the Risk Management Graduation Model. The goal of this model – currently being developed in pilot testing – is to provide the microfinance industry with scalable risk management standards for MFIs at varying levels of institutional development. The webinar, presented by RIM Technical Committee Chairperson Ligia Maria Castro Monge and RIM Director Kevin Fryatt, will address questions including what is RIM, what are the philosophies and motivations behind the risk model, and what role does the risk model play within the current microfinance landscape. For the presentation slides of the webinar, click here.