Webinar: The state of the financial services ecosystem for SMEs and growth entrepreneurs

Please join the Center for Financial Inclusion on Tuesday, March 28 for a webinar discussing the financial services ecosystem for SMEs and growth entrepreneurs. This digital event will focus on the ways fintech and microfinance equip entrepreneurs for growth, the challenges and opportunities faced by service providers, and the opportunities for future service provision to SMEs. This webinar will highlight key findings from recent publications across CFI and Accion:

Our conversation will draw upon market-level insights from Latin America and India, and additionally unpack the state of women entrepreneurs, a segment which has unique needs and subsequently requires innovative solutions from donors and financial service providers alike.

Nancy Widjaja, Accion Venture Lab
Shweta Pereira, Accion India
Christy Stickney, Research Fellow, CFI

Sonja Kelly, Director of Research CF

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