What Do We Mean by ‘Aligning Interests’?

> Posted by Deborah Drake
When we talk about “Aligning Interests” — both the concept and the Center project —  what do we mean?
We’re referring to aligning the interests of all the stakeholders, including management, during periods of change, e.g. transformation, mergers, etc.  As industry professionals, you have undoubtedly seen how founders may not see eye-to-eye with stakeholders. This is particularly true during transformations which may result in founders losing control — and, potentially, their jobs.  Aligning interests is related to the work of the Council of Microfinance Equity funds (CMEF) but it’s fundamentally a problem of a growing/evolving industry and its funders.
I would say aligning interests (or misaligned interests) represents one of the greatest challenges to NGOs and their role/relevance in the sector going forward.
For more information, please have a look at “Aligning Stakeholder Interests in NGO Transformations: Emerging Good Practices.”
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