What Prior Crises Tell Us About Tackling COVID [Fireside Chat]

A European Microfinance Week discussion featuring CFI's Deborah Drake and Weathering the Storm author Daniel Rozas


One of the challenges with crisis management is that these are rare events, and most institutions facing a major crisis have no prior experience dealing with one. This session from European Microfinance Week seeks to share some of these experiences. During the first 45 minutes, Donna Nails, Deborah Drake and Daniel Rozas will have an active conversation about key issues facing MFIs dealing with crisis, drawing on Donna’s extensive experience working with MFIs in the midst of crisis, and Daniel’s and Deborah’s research with multiple MFIs who have experienced crisis in the past. The discussion will also reference crises featured in the joint e-MFP and CFI project: Weathering the Storm II, which features case studies of MFIs that have survived severe crises.

Watch the video below!


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