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> Posted by Lindsey Tiers, Communications and Operations, the Smart Campaign

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As successful business leaders know, regular evaluation is vital to ensure that improvements are made and growth continues. Here at the Smart Campaign, it is time to reflect on our impact and evaluate the Campaign’s global activities so that we continue to achieve the objective of embedding client protection into the fabric of the microfinance industry. For this reason, we are reaching out to all industry stakeholders for feedback via a short survey.

Launched in September of 2009, the Smart Campaign is already five years old. With over 4,200 endorsers—1,400 of which are financial institutions working to improve client protection practices—it’s clear the message is spreading, and support for keeping the industry on track is strong. Client Protection Certification, launched in January 2013, has already seen 24 financial institutions meet the requirements of adequate client protection. Across these institutions, over 8.7 million clients have access to quality services and treatment. In addition, dozens of other MFIs are in the pipeline working to become certified. With nearly 100 tools available in English, plus translations in Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Arabic, the Smart Campaign website has become a valuable resource for any institution looking to improve client protection practices. The Client Protection Principles have even been incorporated into legislation and regulations for financial service providers in some countries – such as the Industry Code of Conduct in India.

While the Campaign has much to be proud of, there is still plenty of work to be done to ensure that microfinance clients worldwide are adequately protected. We also recognize that the industry itself is continually evolving. To stay relevant and have a wider application, the Campaign’s methodology and standards for client protection must evolve as well.

As an organization that directs the focus to clients, Campaign staff knows that the best way to improve is to listen to those we serve: financial institutions, investors, donors, networks, associations, and the many other industry stakeholders with an interest in protecting clients. With the help of the Aspen Institute’s Planning and Evaluation Program as a third-party evaluator, the Smart Campaign has created a survey to get honest and detailed feedback.

Please take 5-10 minutes to complete this global survey to assess Smart Campaign activities and the level of Client Protection Principles implementation in our industry. Your response will be completely confidential and processed by a third-party evaluator. We will share the results in this space.

And three lucky (randomly selected) respondents will win an iPad Mini!

Thank you for your interest in the Smart Campaign and willingness to help us extend its impact. Your knowledge and experiences can help shape the Smart Campaign’s role, prioritize activities, and allocate Campaign resources as we look to the future.

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