Workshop: Tools to Cope with a Low Human Touch Model in a Digital Era

Customer Centricity Event Photo

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Mamallapuram, India

CFI Fellow Alexis Olsen is co-leading a workshop at SPTF’s learning event, Customer Centricity: Enabling Financial Choices and Positive Outcomes for Low-Income Customers in Mamallapuram, India. The workshop, “Tools to Cope with a Low Human Touch Model in a Digital Era: What is lost with a low-touch model and how to mitigate the impacts” builds on Alexis’ research on Kenya’s digital financial services and the innovative ways in which FSPs integrate human interfaces into their digital product offerings to better serve customers.

The workshop, co-lead by Alexis and Graham Wright of MicroSave, will cover mitigation measures for one of the most significant risks associated with digital finance: the lack of human interaction between customer and provider. Participants will learn about proven and emerging solutions, and workshop new ideas from their own experience.

For more information on the Customer Centricity learning event and how to register, visit For more information about Alexis’ research or workshop, email Tess Johnson.