Writing in the 21st Century – David Roodman's "Open Book" Blog

> Kelley Mesa
david-roodmanWith social networking all the rage,  it’s no wonder that more and more opportunities to harness collective knowledge are popping up around us. David Roodman (pictured right), a fellow at the Center for Global Development, is taking this to the next level, using the web to tear down the walls of the traditional manuscript conference and probe for input and comments from the online world.
Through his “open book” blog, David is writing from start to finish in public, posting draft chapters and posing questions for his audience at large to offer their thoughts and comments. His book is asking the “bottom-line questions” about the benefits of microfinance and what that implies for how we support it. It will probe the economics, ethics, politics, and history of microfinance. As he puts it, “This book is really a series of perspectives on microfinance: the historian’s perspective, the microfinance manager’s perspective, the economist’s perspective, and so on.”
To learn more about the book and participate yourself, click here.