You’re Invited: Join Us on the Inclusive Finance Forum

> Posted by Sofia Leon

led-lamp-and-childrenWelcome to the Inclusive Finance Forum, the blog for the Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION International. In this first post we’ll explain who we are and what we’ll be blogging about.The Center for Financial Inclusion is working with microfinance experts and leaders from the private sector to advance the commercial model of microfinance, while upholding the interests and needs of poor clients worldwide. My name is Sofía León and I will be co-editor of this blog together with my colleague Kelley Mesa. My passion for poverty eradication and social enterprise makes me enthusiastic to raise key issues through this blog.
You’ll be hearing from the entire staff of the Center. Members of our Advisory and Faculty Councils will also make guest appearances. Fellows for the Center’s Energy Links and Beyond Codes projects will also join the discussion, together with other leading experts working in microfinance.
What will we blog about? We’ll cover the issues that are shaping the future of financial services for the poor, like fair pricing, competition, climate change, reckless lending, new financial products, corporate governance, and housing microfinance….just to name a few. We hope to provoke debate and fresh thinking.
Whoever you are, whatever role you play – at a development organization, in the private sector, as a student, or as a microfinance expert – your contribution to this site is welcome. Send us your comments, your ideas for posts, your interests, and your ideas for innovative projects you think should be highlighted.  (We will have comments enabled below each blog post as soon as possible. Until then, please e-mail us at webmaster@centerforfinancialinclusion with your thoughts!).