The theme for Financial Inclusion Week (FIW) 2022 was “Inclusive Growth in a Digital Era.” For years, financial products and services have been moving digital, and the pandemic further accelerated the trend toward digitalization. As digital becomes the new norm, we must ensure that these services are safe and inclusive of all people and do not exacerbate the exclusion of marginalized and vulnerable groups. FIW 2022 explored how the global financial inclusion community can harness digital innovation to expand inclusive financial services for all people across the globe, ensuring that products meet customer needs, have appropriate safeguards in place, and contribute to inclusive economic growth.

FIW 2022 hosted 125 live and on-demand sessions, featuring nearly 400 speakers from around the world. With over 3,330 registered participants from 2,000 organizations and 146 countries, FIW 2022 was the largest event to date.

To capture the learnings and key takeaways from the many Financial Inclusion Week 2022 sessions, CFI is compiling short summaries that highlight content and ideas from FIW 2022 sessions on select topics.