Consumer data is key to financial services. How do we ensure that it is collected, used and shared responsibly in ways that unlock economic opportunities and minimize harm?

At CFI, we focus on promoting transparency and accountability in how financial services providers use consumer data. We work to advance inclusive finance while safeguarding data privacy, portability, and other consumer rights.

Consumer data is now ubiquitous in financial services. And while it can be used to unlock personalized, effective products and solutions that help people achieve their goals, it also presents new risks. Consumers — especially those with low levels of digital and financial sophistication — often do not understand the potential implications of sharing their data. And most developing and emerging markets are still building data protection regimes to monitor and respond to misuse.

Our research focuses on protecting already underserved populations against algorithmic bias and gauging consumers’ perceptions of privacy in efforts to shape regulation and embed privacy by design. And we monitor emerging data exchange and governance frameworks around the world to understand what does and does not work to advance inclusive finance.

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Privacy by Design for Inclusive Finance: Moving from Liminal Space to Concrete Practice

Privacy by Design for Inclusive Finance: Moving from Liminal Space to Concrete Practice

Meet our Experts

Our responsible data practices experts focus on equitable AI, data privacy, and data governance.

Alex Rizzi

Former Senior Research Director, Consumer Data Opportunities and Risks

Edoardo Totolo

Vice President, Research and Programs

Lucciana Alvarez Ruiz

Senior Research Manager

Colin Rice

Senior Research Specialist

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