We deliver rigorous research that advances inclusive finance.

Using a systems-level approach and thorough research, we identify the most pressing issues impacting the financial inclusion of vulnerable people around the world. We build the evidence base and develop a deep understanding of how financial services can improve consumers’ resilience and livelihoods.

Consumer Protection

We work with financial service providers, investors, and policymakers to ensure their practices promote the well-being of consumers.

Responsible Data Practices

We focus on promoting data transparency, preventing algorithmic bias, and safeguarding data privacy, portability, and consumer rights.

Climate Risk & Resilience

Leveraging our Green Inclusive Finance Framework, we work on solutions that help people prepare for and respond to climate change while improving green outcomes.

Women’s Financial Inclusion

We aim to discover and scale successful norms-transformative initiatives and influence the policy environment to move the needle on women’s financial inclusion.

Other Research Topics

Micro and Small Enterprises

We work to understand how MSEs can benefit from the digital economy and build resilience.

Inclusive Fintech

We focus on identifying responsible inclusive fintech solutions that put consumers’ best interests first.

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