How do we ensure that inclusive fintechs reach low-income people and are designed with the consumer in mind?

We identify emerging fintech solutions and potential risks, partner with other organizations to test innovative solutions, and collaborate with industry associations and regulators to ensure fintech solutions are built with the consumer at the center.

Fintech provides tremendous opportunity to reach financially underserved households and businesses. Leveraging technology and cutting-edge innovations, fintech solutions can help people use the financial tools and services they need to improve their lives. Yet, despite the great promise of fintech, many people still remain excluded. At CFI, we aim to ensure that fintech solutions are responsibly designed to help and protect consumers.

Building inclusive fintech

Building Toolkits to Help Fintech Teams Protect Their Customers

Designing responsible inclusive fintech solutions requires careful consideration of potential consumer risks at the very start of the design cycle. At CFI, we are focused on helping fintechs and their investors adopt responsible practices that protect the consumer.

Check out our latest toolkits and guides below that are designed to help teams prioritize consumer privacy when building their solutions and ensure their AI is equitable and inclusive to all.

Privacy by Design

Writing Privacy into Fintech Design

Our Privacy as Product playbook demonstrates a comprehensive way to integrate responsible data practices into the design process of digital financial services.

Equitable AI

Understanding Gender Biases in AI

Our Equitable AI for Inclusive Finance guide offers a practical tool to help investors understand how their investee companies use AI and account for any gender biases.

Learnings from the Inclusive Fintech 50 (IF50) Competiton

inclusive fintech 50 competition

Uncovering Potential in Inclusive Fintech

From 2019 to 2022, CFI hosted an annual global competition to identify and elevate cutting-edge emerging inclusive fintechs with the potential to drive financial inclusion.

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