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Our vision is a world where all people are able to use financial services and participate in the economy to improve their lives and prosper.

Our Mission

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An independent global think tank

The Center for Financial Inclusion uses rigorous research and advocacy to advance inclusive financial systems for low-income people around the world.

We work to advance inclusive financial services for the billions of people who currently lack the financial tools needed to improve their lives and prosper. We leverage partnerships to conduct rigorous research and test promising solutions, and then advocate for evidence-based change. CFI was founded by Accion in 2008 as an independent think tank on inclusive finance.

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Our Focus Areas

Ways we seek to improve outcomes for the poor

Consumer Protection. Data Risks and Opportunities. Women's Financial Inclusion. Green Inclusive Finance.

We focus on inclusive finance needs that are directly related to improving outcomes for low-income consumers. While we will continue our work on improving consumer protection and empowerment and on important market infrastructure issues, we are also elevating work in three key areas of focus: climate change, gender inequality and data opportunities and risks. Our vision requires doing additional research on how financial services can both reduce risks and help customers adapt to the reality of climate change. It also involves conducting additional research and experimentation on how to address the remaining policy and norms barriers that impede progress on women’s participation in the formal financial system. We also seek to better understand the risks and opportunities that the new digital economy and the use of data pose for customers so that we can identify innovative solutions for managing those risks through regulation, data practices by providers, and industry-wide solutions.

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