Join us to contribute to a world where all people are able to use financial services and participate in the economy to improve their lives and prosper.


A think tank that conducts research and advocates for evidence-based change.

Thank you for your interest in working at the Center for Financial Inclusion. CFI works to advance inclusive financial services for the billions of people who currently lack the financial tools needed to improve their lives and prosper. We leverage partnerships to conduct rigorous research and test promising solutions, and then advocate for evidence-based change.

CFI is part of Accion, a global nonprofit dedicated to giving people the financial tools they need to help themselves. As CFI is a department of Accion, all CFI employees are employees of Accion. Located in Washington, DC, Accion offers excellent benefits, including employer paid leave, health and other benefits. Accion is firmly committed to providing equal employment opportunities. We encourage all qualified persons to apply for posted positions. All employment positions are posted on the Accion website until filled.

Our Values

We have a few things that we all value:

  • Excellence: Accion staff should always put forth their best effort in all activities, strive for high quality of collective and individual performance; and demonstrate honesty and integrity at all times while in the workplace and while working on behalf of the organization.
  • Respect: Accion staff should value one another’s roles and responsibilities as much as their own, be encouraging, and value the diverse and unique perspectives of colleagues. They should honor obligations and commitments to each other and to external partners.
  • Passion for Social Change: Accion staff should be committed to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, value the greater good of the organization over personal gain, and promote a productive workplace by acknowledging the accomplishments of others.

Meet Our Team

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