Lend Academy Podcast features Mayada El-Zoghbi

CFI's Managing Director was interviewed for more than 30 minutes on her background, CFI's evolving role in financial inclusion, COVID-19's impact on CFI's agenda and more.

On each episode of Peter Renton’s long-running show, the Lending and Fintech Podcast, a different leader in fintech and finance is interviewed in depth. On episode 245, Mayada touches on the following topics:

  • Her background in inclusive finance
  • The work that she did on the Global Findex database
  • Why she decided to take the job to be the head of CFI
  • The mission of CFI today
  • Why improving financial inclusion is about far more than technology
  • The geographies they focus on and the types of demographics
  • The relationship between CFI and Accion
  • How COVID-19 has impacted the agenda for CFI
  • The silver lining that could come out of this crisis
  • How it will affect the gender gap
  • What more fintech companies should be doing today in this area
  • The priorities that CFI is focused on beyond the current crisis

Listen below, or visit this episode’s podcast page. Lend Academy’s podcasts are available on iTunes and Stitcher.


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