COVID-19 & MSMEs: Data and Analysis to Understand Impact

What's the scale of the pandemic's impact and how are MSMEs coping? CFI’s data dashboards and analysis provide insights from four countries.

Digital Finance Evidence Gap Map

An intuitive, visual, and interactive tool designed to highlight gaps in the evidence base and show where evidence is more abundant for digital finance.


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Latest from CFI

Blog Post • May 15, 2023
Climate Vulnerability and Financial Exclusion Go Hand in Hand – What Can Be Done?
By Leora Klapper + 2 more
Blog Post • May 08, 2023
Colombian Wetlands Hard Hit by Climate Shocks - What Role for Financial Services?
By Anindita Chakraborty
Blog Post • May 01, 2023
The Intersection of Financial Inclusion and Gender during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights from Impact Investing
By Jacob Tate & Sophia Sunderji
Blog Post • Apr 27, 2023
Inclusive Finance and Extreme Heat: How Small Loans and Parametric Insurance Can Help Vulnerable Populations Manage Through Deadly Heat Waves
By Howard Miller
Blog Post • Apr 21, 2023
Catalytic Capital and Its Role in Digital Credit
By Jayshree Venkatesan
Blog Post • Apr 18, 2023
Letting the Consumer Speak: The Reality of Access to Finance in Guatemala
By Diana Boncheva-Gooley & Veronica Karpoich
Blog Post • Apr 06, 2023
Financial Inclusion: Is More Really Better?
By Mohsen Siddiqui
Report • Apr 05, 2023
The Role of Catalytic Capital in Digital Markets: Successes, Pitfalls, and Lessons Learned
By Jayshree Venkatesan
Press Release • Mar 31, 2023
Financial Inclusion Equity Council Transitions its Secretariat to Cerise+SPTF
Event • Jul 5, 2023 - Jul 7, 2023
RFF 2023: Shaping a Responsible Future for the Digital Finance Ecosystem
Blog Post • Mar 28, 2023
FIW Recap: Grappling with Data Opportunities and Risks in Inclusive Finance
By Alexandra (Alex) Rizzi
Blog Post • Mar 15, 2023
FIW Recap: Consumer Protection – Crucial to Driving the Inclusive Finance Agenda
By Jayshree Venkatesan
Blog Post • Mar 02, 2023
A North Star or a Measurement Pulse? The role of financial health in inclusive finance
By Mayada El-Zoghbi
Blog Post • Feb 22, 2023
Exploring the Intersection of Climate Shocks and Financial Inclusion
By Lucciana Alvarez Ruiz & Edoardo Totolo
Blog Post • Feb 14, 2023
FIW Recap: Women’s Financial Inclusion Remains Key Global Focus
By Evelyn Stark
Blog Post • Feb 07, 2023
Envisioning Responsible Finance in the Context of Climate Change – the Role of Insurance Supervision
By Dunja Latinovic
Blog Post • Feb 02, 2023
In Honor of Data Privacy Week, Let’s Rethink Privacy in Inclusive Finance
By Alexandra (Alex) Rizzi
Blog Post • Jan 23, 2023
The Hidden Traps of Deceptive Design: Embedding Consumer Protection into DFS
By Jayshree Venkatesan
Blog Post • Jan 17, 2023
Matters of Urgency: Insights From a Fintech Risk Barometer Study
By Sugandh Saxena & Jayshree Venkatesan
Report • Jan 13, 2023
Fintech Lending Risk Barometer 2022-2023

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