COVID-19 & MSMEs: Data and Analysis to Understand Impact

What's the scale of the pandemic's impact and how are MSMEs coping? CFI’s data dashboards and analysis provide insights from four countries.

Digital Finance Evidence Gap Map

An intuitive, visual, and interactive tool designed to highlight gaps in the evidence base and show where evidence is more abundant for digital finance.


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Latest from CFI

Report • Feb 21, 2024
Positive Friction for Responsible Digital Lending: A Call to Action
By Jayshree Venkatesan + 2 more
Blog Post • Jan 30, 2024
Privacy by Design for Inclusive Finance: Moving from Liminal Space to Concrete Practice
By Alexandra (Alex) Rizzi
Blog Post • Jan 11, 2024
Cybersecurity: A Crucial Ingredient for Responsible Finance and Consumer Protection
By Francesca Bosco & Edoardo Totolo
Blog Post • Dec 19, 2023
Year in Review, Future in Focus: The Evolving Tale of Inclusive Finance
By Edoardo Totolo
Blog Post • Oct 10, 2023
Prioritizing Women to Receive Cash Transfers: What Are the Implications for Program Design?
By Swati Mehta & Elizabeth (Liz) McGuinness
Blog Post • Sep 28, 2023
Cash Transfers Directed to Women and the Implications for Intimate Partner Violence: Lessons for Program Design
By Swati Mehta
Report • Sep 25, 2023
Sending Cash Transfers to Women: How to Design Programs that Enhance Well- Being While Safeguarding Against Intimate Partner Violence
By Mayada El-Zoghbi & Swati Mehta
Blog Post • Sep 14, 2023
‘Responsible Finance’ is Not Responsible if it’s Not Gender-Intentional
By Joanna Ledgerwood
Blog Post • Aug 25, 2023
Gender Bias in AI: An Experiment with ChatGPT in Financial Inclusion
By Lucciana Alvarez Ruiz
Blog Post • Aug 15, 2023
Power in Practice – or Only on Paper? Addressing the Financial Gaps Affecting Women Business Owners in India
By Nina Liew
Blog Post • Aug 08, 2023
Fight Gender Inequality: Prioritizing Women’s Customer Experience in Product Design and Complaint Resolution Processes
By Nikita Chettri + 5 more
Blog Post • Aug 02, 2023
How FSPs Can Help Low-Income Populations in Sierra Leone Respond to Climate-Related Shocks
By Alfred Jusu
Report • Jul 31, 2023
Shaping a Responsible Digital Finance Ecosystem
Blog Post • Jul 24, 2023
Exploring Fintech Funding Dynamics in Recent Years
By Eda Dokle & Chantelle Macey
Blog Post • Jun 27, 2023
Outlining Priorities for Responsible Finance
By Magda Bianco
Report • Jun 26, 2023
Inclusive Fintech Funding in Times of Uncertainty: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead
By Eda Dokle & Chantelle Macey
Blog Post • Jun 15, 2023
Ending the Cycle of Insanity: Responsible Finance in the Digital Age
By Mayada El-Zoghbi
Blog Post • Jun 12, 2023
Designing for Dignity: Creating Equal Opportunity through Financial Inclusion – Q & A with Rosita Najmi, CFI Advisory Council Member
By Eda Dokle
Blog Post • May 15, 2023
Climate Vulnerability and Financial Exclusion Go Hand in Hand – What Can Be Done?
By Leora Klapper + 2 more
Blog Post • May 08, 2023
Colombian Wetlands Hard Hit by Climate Shocks - What Role for Financial Services?
By Anindita Chakraborty

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