Report • Mar 31, 2021
The Stories Algorithms Tell: Bias and Financial Inclusion at the Data Margins
By Alexandra (Alex) Rizzi + 2 more
Report • Mar 26, 2021
Crisis and Opportunity: Reimagining Inclusive Finance After the Pandemic
Report • Mar 03, 2021
Regulatory Flexibility During the Pandemic: Emerging Lessons
By Denise Dias & Loretta Michaels
Brief • Feb 26, 2021
Weathering the Storm II: A Case Study of Financiera FAMA
By Garrett Jaso
Brief • Feb 23, 2021
On the Economic Frontlines of COVID-19: Early Insights From MSMEs Grappling With the Crisis
By Eric Noggle
Brief • Jan 28, 2021
The Case for a Gender-Intelligent Approach: An Opportunity for Inclusive Fintechs
By Julia Arnold
Brief • Jan 26, 2021
Agility Breeds Resilience: A Tale of Two Fintechs Innovating in the Face of a Pandemic
By Tess Johnson
Brief • Jan 14, 2021
Weathering the Storm II: A Case Study of Partner
By Joana Afonso & Daniel Rozas
Report • Dec 10, 2020
Rapid Response for Social Payments During COVID-19
By Loretta Michaels
Report • Dec 02, 2020
Protecting Beneficiary Data: Guidance for Municipal Cash Transfer Programs Responding to COVID-19
By Madeleine Longwell & Alexandra (Alex) Rizzi
Report • Dec 02, 2020
Designing Municipal Cash Transfer Programs to Mitigate the Economic Impact of COVID-19
By Eric Noggle & Tess Johnson
Brief • Dec 01, 2020
Inclusive Fintech 50 White Paper [2020]
By Chrissy Martin Meier + 2 more
Brief • Nov 18, 2020
Weathering the Storm II: A Case Study of Vitas Palestine
By Shradha Modi
Report • Nov 16, 2020
Global Microscope 2020
Brief • Nov 09, 2020
Weathering the Storm II: A Case Study of Spandana
By Narasimhan Srinivasan
Brief • Oct 08, 2020
Weathering the Storm II: A Case Study of Viator
By Daniel Rozas & Joana Afonso
Brief • Oct 06, 2020
Rapid Innovation: How Fintechs are Adapting Under COVID-19
By Maha Khan & Simon Agez
Brief • Aug 26, 2020
Client Perspectives on Consumer Protection: Analysis of a Client Survey in Cambodia
By Tanwi Kumari
Report • Aug 11, 2020
A Framework for Understanding the Financial Health of MSME Entrepreneurs
By Eric Noggle + 2 more
Report • Aug 05, 2020
Preserving Liquidity: Policymaker Responses to COVID-19 and the Impact on Low-Income Customers
By Loretta Michaels + 2 more

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