An Evidence Gap Map (EGM) is an intuitive, visual, and interactive tool designed to provide an overview of the existing evidence on a topic, theme, or domain. EGMs highlight gaps in the evidence base and show where evidence is more abundant.

This Digital Finance EGM includes:


Impact Studies


Digital Finance
Product Categories


Design and
delivery categories



The Digital Finance EGM was developed by Caribou Digital with support from The Mastercard Foundation.

It was last updated in October 2019.

Interactive Dashboards

Explore two different views: Studies & Results

In both views, you can filter by different variables to gain a more precise picture of the impact of digital finance on various client outcomes—you can click on any circle to access further information on the studies.

Digital Finance Studies

The Digital Finance Study Map shows the total number of studies that were conducted on a particular product, plotted against the client outcomes that were tested. This view aims to give the user an overview of the impact literature on digital finance and highlight which digital finance products were examined, against what outcomes, and how frequently.

Digital Finance Results

The Digital Finance Results Map presents the results of each test that was conducted on a particular client outcome. The color-coded circles show the level of impact (blue is positive, black is negative, and gray is no impact) and the number within the circle shows the number of tests on the client outcomes. Most studies tested more than one outcome, and many studies tested more than one variation on that outcome. Thus, the number of tests in the results view, may not equal the number of studies.

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