Smart Campaign’s “You Deserve to Know” Radio Campaign Featured in Ghanaian Media

Raising public awareness of fraud and transparency in mobile and traditional banking in the West African nation is the main goal of the 13-week programming.

Extensive coverage of the “You Deserve to Know” (#YouDeserveToKnow) campaign in the national Ghanian media features quotes from Alex Rizzi, Director of the Smart Campaign.

“This series aims to equip clients with the knowledge they deserve to know to make the best financial decisions for themselves,” Rizzi stated in a Pulse article. Coverage of the campaign also appeared in Graphic Online and Citi Newsroom.

The campaign focuses on improving the financial enabling environment by educating the public in two topic areas, transparency and fraud.

Listeners in Ghana can tune in to Adom 106.3 FM on Thursdays, 5:30 pm local time, to hear the programs. The episodes include drama and expert interviews on the topics. Live streaming of Adom 106.3 FM is also available.

The “You Deserve to Know” campaign is in collaboration with Financial Inclusion Forum Africa.

This Smart Campaign video below provides an introduction.

How can you avoid becoming a victim of bank or mobile fraud?


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