Financial Inclusion Week

A global gathering of the inclusive finance community

What is Financial Inclusion Week?

Financial Inclusion Week (FIW) is an annual gathering of the global community working to advance inclusive finance. FIW 2022 will take place October 17-20. We hope you join us!

FIW is a virtual forum for exchanging ideas, research, and perspectives from around the world. It’s an opportunity for global stakeholders to showcase work, share ideas on what’s ahead, engage with the community, and more. CFI convenes FIW each year and invites partner organizations to join the conversation and help drive the agenda.

CFI is now accepting Session Proposals for FIW 2022. Visit Financial Inclusion Week to learn more.

The theme for 2022 is “Inclusive Growth in a Digital Era.” For years, financial products and services have been moving digital, and the pandemic further accelerated the trend toward digitalization. As digital becomes the new norm, we must ensure that these services are safe and inclusive of all people and do not exacerbate exclusion of marginalized and vulnerable groups. This year’s event will explore how the global financial inclusion community can harness digital innovation to expand inclusive financial services for all people across the globe, ensuring that products meet customer needs, have appropriate safeguards in place, and contribute to inclusive economic growth.

Want to revisit FIW 2021? Check out the playlist below, also available on YouTube.


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