Financial Inclusion Week

A global gathering of the inclusive finance community

What is Financial Inclusion Week?

Financial Inclusion Week (FIW) is an annual gathering of the global community working to advance inclusive finance.

FIW is a forum for exchanging ideas, developments, perspectives and convening stakeholders all around the world. It’s an opportunity for CFI and partner organizations to showcase our work, share ideas on what’s ahead, and more. CFI leads this convening every year by providing the space, highlighting our contributions along with the year’s themes. FIW 2021 will have over a dozen plenary events and likely more than 100 community events and asynchronous content — all hosted on its virtual platform. Sign up for emails and visit to stay updated on registration information and the full agenda.

Financial Inclusion Week 2021: Promoting Prosperity in an Era of Uncertainty

Join us November 1-4, 2021   |    #FinclusionWeek

As a global community, we have witnessed the power of financial inclusion in helping people cope with the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Government-to-person payments were distributed at a level never before seen, using innovative approaches to identify recipients and disburse payments. With support from their investors, financial service providers worked closely with clients to restructure outstanding debt and provide information services on the health crisis. And fintech providers rapidly innovated to serve clients in the complex and evolving context of the pandemic.

Amid the crisis, we remain optimistic about the role financial services play in building financial resilience and helping people navigate difficult situations. Yet the crisis is far from over and threatens to reverse years of progress in reducing extreme poverty. We remain committed in our resolve to work toward a world in which all people are able to use financial services and access economic opportunities to improve their lives. And to do so requires partnership, learning from each other, dialogue, and community. This is the ambition of Financial Inclusion Week.

Financial Inclusion Week 2020

What are the forces shaping the lives of vulnerable people around the world?

The video below summarizes our thinking around these forces and why they became our strategic priorities and the themes of Financial Inclusion Week.

CFI's New Strategy

Framing the themes of FIW 2020

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Full Agenda

View the full agenda from FIW 2020 (PDF)

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