Investment capital is flowing into fintech startups, yet it is still challenging to get capital to many fintechs addressing last-mile challenges. Evidence suggests this is driven in large part by a lack of information. Using data collected to test an initial set of Data Standards for Inclusive Fintech, this report presents insights into what we can learn about fintechs as businesses and how they address challenges of inclusion.

This report was made possible by support from MetLife Foundation.


Chrissy Martin Meier

Fintech Data Solutions Lead, MIX

Chrissy has 10 years of experience in expanding access to financial services, working with a diverse set of stakeholders ranging from MNOs, social enterprise, donors, non-for-profits, and multilateral institutions. At MIX, she is leading the development of the Fintech Data Solution through a user-centered product design process. Chrissy started her career launching the first mobile money product in Haiti with the mobile network operator Digicel. Since, she has served as the Customer Experience Manager at the social enterprise Zoona in Zambia and Malawi, and as Senior Digital Finance Specialist with USAID’s Digital Development team.

Blaine Stephens

Former COO, MIX

Blaine serves as advisor to CFI since June 2020, where he is supporting the strategic integration of MIX and CFI.  Prior to CFI, Blaine served as COO at MIX, joining in 2002.  At MIX, he worked with investors, donors, regulators, financial services providers and a team of analysts to create the reporting standards, benchmarks, other information products and market incentives necessary to build data and insights to advance financial inclusion. Blaine has 20 years of experience in microfinance and financial inclusion. Prior to joining MIX, Blaine helped develop the start-up operations for a Moroccan MFI, Al Amana, and collaborated with UNCDF on the development and roll-out of an online microfinance training course for donors and practitioners. Blaine speaks English, French, and basic Arabic and German.

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