The Smart Campaign‘s senior director discussed the motivation behind the survey and forthcoming report with The New Times, a leading Rwandan news provider.

“We want all stakeholders to understand the actual experiences and concerns of the clients they are serving, protecting or advocating for, because there hasn’t been a comprehensive survey underpinning the conduct of this digital financial service before,” Rizzi said.

Fraud was a “major problem” for about 40 percent of respondents (with 10 percent falling victim themselves), and while nearly 90 percent trust mobile money services, that trust extends to specific services, namely person-to-person (P2P) transfers. There are approximately 11 million mobile money users in Rwanda.

The report will be available for download on this site in the coming weeks. The results were discussed at a workshop of regulators in the Rwandan capital Kigali in March and will be discussed at the Inclusive Digital Future Summit in Nairobi in June 2019.

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