With this risk expert exchange, the second publication of the Running with Risk Project, CFI asked 10 microfinance risk experts to candidly respond to the top risk questions every board member should be asking and should be able to answer. We hope this expert exchange will empower board members to speak up when they are uncomfortable about a move an MFI is making, or when they feel an indicator may actually be an early warning sign of a larger problem. This expert exchange is also intended to provide board members with concrete suggestions of warning signs and strategies for effectively managing or avoiding certain risks. Ultimately, a stronger, more effective board presence on risk mitigation will contribute to the health of MFIs around the world.

Experts include:

  • Alex Silva, General Manager, Omtrix and Executive Director, Calmeadow
Lynn Exton, Independent Consultant
  • Karla Brom, Independent Consultant
  • Liliana Botero, VP of Risk for Latin America, Accion
Daniel Rozas, Independent Consultant
  • Petronella Chigara-Dhitima, Senior Operational Director, Accion
  • Stephan Hartenstein, Managing Director, NomoRisk GmbH
  • Andrés Calderon, Risk Vice President Africa-Asia, Accion
  • Christian Ruehmer, Independent Consultant, Deutsche Bank
Philip Brown, Managing Director of Risk, Citi Microfinance

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