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Mobile Money in Times of Crisis: An Unlikely Hero

In Jordan, mobile money has played a crucial role during COVID-19. Here's how stakeholders have built on existing successes to accelerate its uptake during the pandemic.

By Maha Bahou
May 04, 2020

A COVID Digitization Stampede Mustn’t Trample Consumer Protection

Governments, multilateral organizations and the private sector are calling for and incentivizing even faster digitization. We must take steps to ensure consumer protection during and after the pandemic.

By Alexandra Rizzi
Apr 30, 2020

Diary of a Myanmar-Based, Agri-Focused FSP Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

Maha has had to adapt to regulatory and government directives, keep lenders reassured and, most importantly, stand by its clients and employees during this difficult time.

By Matteo Marinelli & Pallavi Hariharan
Apr 29, 2020

Using Data to Elevate the Customer Perspective as FSPs Respond to COVID-19

Customer insights must guide financial service providers' response to the present crisis.

By Scott Graham
Apr 28, 2020

Building Resilience: How to Ensure Women Are Not Left Behind as a Result of COVID-19

Five recommendations for how to equip women with tools from the financial sector to prepare for and mitigate the economic effects of the pandemic.

By Mary Ellen Iskenderian
Apr 27, 2020

The Pandemic Will Not Deter Us

How Pro Mujer is adapting to help women be resilient and stay healthy.

By Sofia Huizar & Camila Montañez
Apr 23, 2020

"We're Also Making Hand Sanitizer": Kenyan Doctor on COVID-19 Impacts

Dr. Thomas Kirengo, entrepreneur and BLI alum, discusses what he and his team are doing on the frontlines, the economic impacts in Kenya, and how organizations can help stem the spread of the virus.

By Garrett Jaso & Dr. Thomas Kirengo
Apr 22, 2020

How Education Lending MFIs Are Responding to COVID-19

Low-fee school owners could struggle mightily with empty classrooms and weak distance learning capabilities. Here’s what Opportunity EduFinance has learned regarding what its education lending partners are doing to help school clients – and themselves – cope.

By Mathieu Fourn & Lukas Wellen
Apr 20, 2020

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