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The Pandemic Will Not Deter Us

How Pro Mujer is adapting to help women be resilient and stay healthy.

By Sofia Huizar & Camila Montañez
Apr 23, 2020

"We're Also Making Hand Sanitizer": Kenyan Doctor on COVID-19 Impacts

Dr. Thomas Kirengo, entrepreneur and BLI alum, discusses what he and his team are doing on the frontlines, the economic impacts in Kenya, and how organizations can help stem the spread of the virus.

By Garrett Jaso & Dr. Thomas Kirengo
Apr 22, 2020

How Education Lending MFIs Are Responding to COVID-19

Low-fee school owners could struggle mightily with empty classrooms and weak distance learning capabilities. Here’s what Opportunity EduFinance has learned regarding what its education lending partners are doing to help school clients – and themselves – cope.

By Mathieu Fourn & Lukas Wellen
Apr 20, 2020

How a Microfinance Network Has Changed Customer and Staff Engagement During COVID-19

FINCA Impact Finance President and CEO Andrée Simon describes steps taken to protect the health and safety of customers and staff worldwide.

By Andrée Simon
Apr 15, 2020

Continuity in a Crisis

Reactions to the COVID-19 outbreak among providers of financial services for low-income women

By Andy Woolnough & Ade Ashaye
Apr 09, 2020

Amplifying Client Voices Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology: Insights from Cambodia

Providers should put clients' voices front and center. A novel survey collection technique may make that easier, especially during these challenging times.

By Jacqueline Foelster & Tanwi Kumari
Apr 07, 2020

How Should FSPs Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Good practice calls for FSPs to have business continuity plans for emergencies. But this time it's different. What’s your organization’s pandemic continuity plan?

By Mayada El-Zoghbi
Apr 02, 2020

Avoiding Capacity Overload in Data Protection Frameworks

Factoring capacity constraints into the design and implementation of data protection laws is the topic of the final post in the “Data Protection and Financial Inclusion: Why It Matters” series.

By Ethan Loufield & Shweta Vashisht
Apr 01, 2020

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