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Climate Change is Exacerbating Obstacles to COVID-19 Recovery for MSMEs in Nigeria

MSME owners in Lagos that experienced a climate shock in the past five years are having a harder time recovering from COVID-19 than peers who never experienced a climate shock.

By Eric Noggle
Apr 26, 2021

Leveraging Digital Financial Capability to Drive Women’s Financial Inclusion

While digital financial services are not a silver bullet for financial inclusion, financial capability must grow digitally. Here's how to get there.

By Julia Arnold & Marina Dimova
Apr 22, 2021

Discussing Moratoria and Other Pandemic-Era Measures, a Q&A with FINCA Impact Finance

The organization’s chief operating and marketing officers discuss measures taken and lessons learned during the global crisis.

By Caren Robb & Seth B. Spiro
Apr 19, 2021

Yes, COVID is the Big Bang of Digital Payments

Social transfer payments were among the triggers of explosive mobile money growth last year. What measures do we need to take to support vulnerable consumers going forward?

By Loretta Michaels
Apr 08, 2021

How Is Nigeria’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy Going?

Since it was unveiled nine years ago, the strategy has run into hurdles. This post details them and offers recommendations.

By Sone Osakwe
Apr 06, 2021

Regulatory Headwinds on the Horizon for Chinese Fintechs: Where Do Consumers Fit In?

By Alexandra (Alex) Rizzi
Apr 01, 2021

What Does It Take for a Woman to Become Financially Capable?

A more tailored approach is needed. But how?

By Julia Arnold
Mar 29, 2021

Cautious Optimism: MSMEs Are Rebounding From the Impacts of COVID-19

Policymakers and financial service providers (FSPs) nevertheless must act to bolster the recovery and decrease vulnerability.

By Eric Noggle
Mar 15, 2021

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