Digital Finance and Data Security

How Private and Secure Is Data Used in Digital Finance?

This webinar will feature CFI Fellow Patrick Traynor—Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) at the University of Florida. Our conversation will provide an overview of data privacy and security issues in online lending, highlight specific deficiencies as identified in our three-pronged analysis of over 50 digital finance providers, and provide recommendations for providers so they can ensure that consumers have the best possible protections of their personal data.

This research raises important concerns about how digital finance companies currently address data privacy and security issues and points to areas for improvement when creating strong defense mechanisms and privacy policies that protect consumer data. By examining digital lenders’ privacy policies, the mechanisms for securing the connections between customers’ mobile devices and the internal servers that process and store that data, and the terms of service of their offerings, Patrick’s report aims to identify how well providers are addressing these data privacy and security vulnerabilities and lays the groundwork for future research that can assist companies, consumers, and regulators in improving security standards for digital finance.

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