Global Outreach and Financial Performance Benchmark Report [2016]

For FY2016, 774 financial service providers (FSPs) submitted outreach and financial performance data to MIX Market.

These FSPs reported an outreach of 115.0 million borrowers with access to credit products, corresponding to a gross loan portfolio of USD 96.6 billion. Savings products offered by these FSPs reached 98.8 million depositors, accounting for USD 64.0 billion in deposits. At the global level, compared to FY2015, FSPs reporting to MIX Market recorded an annual growth rate of 11.1% in the loan portfolio and 9.8% in borrowers.

Total deposits grew by 8.7% and depositors by 13.0%. FY2016 was a difficult year for portfolio risk in several regions, particularly in Africa and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, reflected by a global rise in the weighted average portfolio at risk > 30 days ratio (PAR 30) from 5.3% in FY2015 to 7.2% in FY2016.

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