Privacy as Product: Privacy by Design for Inclusive Finance

This playbook and accompanying brief helps designers of digital financial services bring consumer privacy needs front and center of the product design process.

Today, inclusive financial products are fueled by ever-growing volumes of digital consumer data, primarily collected by mobile phones. Coupled with advances in analytics and innovations in data sharing, the face of privacy has changed radically. Despite the growing interest in Privacy by Design (PbD), a systems-engineering approach that calls for companies to consider privacy throughout the engineering process, current approaches overlook the growing importance of product managers in digital and software product development. This playbook, a first-of-its-kind knowledge product for the inclusive finance sector, aims to fill that gap and demonstrate a comprehensive way to integrate responsible data practices into the design process.

The Privacy as Product Playbook is based on the central tenets and emerging practices in Privacy by Design and is animated by unique considerations for inclusive finance product teams. The accompanying brief is intended for all practitioners in the inclusive finance space, sharing the rationale and approach for the playbook and discussing three key challenges for implementation that were uncovered when designing the playbook, how the playbook attempts to address them, and what learning questions remain.

This playbook and brief are a result of CFI’s partnership with PayPal’s Global Privacy Team.

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