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Our Research Priorities

We believe that people belong at the center of inclusive finance, and we take a customer-centric approach in all that we do. In today’s digital era, the risks people face when using financial tools and services are quickly evolving. At CFI, we conduct research, test new approaches to consumer protection, and build knowledge on emerging risks. By working with financial service providers, investors, and policymakers, we strive to ensure inclusive finance practices promote the well-being of consumers.

Data is key to financial services and is increasingly becoming ubiquitous in today’s digital era. Consumer data can help people get access to personalized, effective financial tools that can help them achieve their goals and improve their livelihoods. Yet, the use of consumer data also poses new risks. At CFI, we focus on promoting data transparency and responsible privacy practices, protecting already underserved populations against algorithmic bias, and monitoring emerging data privacy and protection frameworks around the world to understand what does and does not work to advance inclusive finance.

We know that financial services are an indispensable tool to help people prepare for climate-related events and to help them recover when crises do happen. We also know that the people who have contributed the least to climate change are the ones most affected by its impacts. At CFI, we work to understand vulnerable populations’ constraints and what financial tools they need the most. We aim to help people build resilience to climate risks, adapt to changing climatic conditions, and in some cases even transition to new livelihoods.

Despite decades of focus on women as an important client group for financial services, there has been limited progress in reducing the gap in women’s access to finance. At CFI, we believe that women’s financial inclusion is powerfully shaped by broader societal norms. We focus on building evidence for what works to address the systemic barriers contributing to gender inequality and on how to scale successful norms-transformative initiatives. We aim to influence the policy environment to move the needle on women’s financial inclusion.

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CFI is an independent think tank housed at Accion.

Accion founded CFI in 2008 to serve as an independent think tank on inclusive finance. Accion is a global nonprofit on a mission to create a fair and inclusive economy where underserved people can make informed decisions and improve their lives.

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